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November 05, 2005


Sarah - Costa Blanca


'Deal or No Deal' or 'Resurrecting Noel Edmonds' - that was a bit cruel- cos actually I was one of the original Multi Coloured Swap Shop greatest fans! (Oddly I can remember the number to swap things 01 811 8055) How sad is that!

There is a version in Spain called '!Alla Tu' (roughly translated is 'Up to you', which is the same concept, but frankly the Spanish constestants must have been administered a great deal of Rioja and Paella in the green room before playing as they are altogether much insaner than our reserved British contestants! The host is Spanish guy who's name escapes me at the moment, but again I believe he may be on a day release scheme from the 'Zaragossa home for the Slightly Insane!' Johnny Vaughan esque!

Whilst I have now digressed completely from 'greeting the 500'(I must read your page too often). Just to say that I still enjoy a good giggle every time I read your rantings and best of luck.

Only 47 days to Christmas! BAH HUMBUG!

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